Who is FinTech Services Australia?

Spun out of Fair Go Finance, FSA is a cutting-edge financial and technology company that is working to develop and bring to market innovative financial products and services.

With a strong team, utilising cutting edge technical and financial methodologies, FSA is continually driving innovation into the Australian market. Its goal is to disrupt traditional financial systems by offering alternative online financial solutions whilst revolutionising the Australian financial landscape.

With leading-edge propriety tech solutions and products which deliver sophisticated fintech efficiencies and experiences, FinTech Services Australia provides the leverage to seize new opportunities and achieve greater market share for its customers.

By bringing financial innovation to the fore, coupled with its customer driven culture, FinTech Services Australia enables complex financial interactions to be transformed into seamless transactions, ensuring online credit, finance and financial services are expeditious and secure.

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FinTech Services Australia provides financial services and products via innovative financial technology

Artificial Intelligence

Our digital platforms use Artificial Intelligence algorithms to instantly credit score customers

The Evolution of Digital

By harnessing technical innovation, FinTech Services Australia is driven to develop and seamlessly implement our leading proprietary products and services to achieve our vision of offering entire and unsurpassed digital lending solutions. With sophisticated credit and finance platforms that use intelligent autonomous actions, businesses can be empowered by our innovative digital automation, enabling their own customers to thrive.

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Our Leadership Team

Paul Walshe

Paul Walshe
Managing Director

John Olszewski

John Olszewski
Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas
Chief Financial Officer


Chief Marketing Officer

Working with us

"Working at FSA is exciting given our backing and the pipeline of opportunities we are working on. Fundamentally, this requires a great team to realise the potential and that is my focus – to create opportunities for good people to thrive in."

Paul Walshe, CEO

"The dev team works collectively on all problems to devise the best solution. We continually evaluate all tech to improve and upgrade our software suite using the best in class solutions and practices. We are proud to say there is no ego in our team. To best understand our customers we use the data provided by them to improve their experiences."

Luke Grootveld,
Technical Development Manager

"We heed the technical challenges instead of just harvesting on the next available technology in the market. Picking the right solution with continuous refactoring by focusing on the fundamentals of our customers drives innovation. This is the approach Fintech Services Australia technology employs for all technology foundations."

John Olszewski, CTO

Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing Coordinator

The Digital Marketing Coordinator role will support the Marketing team in implementing our marketing activities through multiple channels and platforms.


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