Go Forward With Us

By empowering our FSA team to go forward in their careers ultimately ensures our customers and partners can go forward financially too.
And if you work for FSA, enjoying our ultra-cool city office is just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready to embrace:

    FSA is built on openness, our willingness to grow and our genuine commitment to positively impact people’s lives. Our purpose is distinctly ours and we are proud of how it sets us apart.
    You will see that in everything we do, from day-to-day tasks to complex projects, our approach is underpinned by the key drivers of satisfaction of a job well done and the meaningful value it has delivered.
    Our team is our greatest asset. Taking pride in every aspect of their role and thriving on challenging goals, they work together across all departments to achieve them.
    Our team embraces diversity and inclusion, they celebrate with pride their successes and willingly grow and learn from lessons learned.

    Key words that describe our team include:

    • Motivated and driven
    • Dedicated and determined
    • Technologically advanced
    • Innovative
    • Friendly, genuine, and fair
    Our recruitment process ensures we find the right team members who believe in the same values and core beliefs that we, as a company stand for.
    Upholding and sharing these enables our team to be united in their actions, their behaviours and their decision-making processes so we can achieve our goals collaboratively.

  • We are always going forward
    Consistent innovative thinking, always challenging the norm for improvements to market leading services

  • I can be counted on
    Maintain accountability, trust and responsibilities across the company and helping others when required

  • Data tells the story
    Ensuring that all decisions and information communicated are measurable and based on facts through planning and research.

  • Customers pay our bills
    Ensuring a customer-oriented perspective is across all processes and initiatives and we understand their value to the organisation