Women In FinTech

Engaging, connecting and inspiring all to be an integral part of the
Fintech revolution

The term ‘Fintech’ brings together the industries of Finance and
Technology – both of which had a past of being male dominated

But here at Fintech Services Australia, we look to the future and are
driven by our diverse and inclusive culture. We are committed to
supporting equality and encouraging all individuals who may be hesitant
to enter this industry, to feel welcomed and know that every employee
has an important part to play in our successful and thriving business.
We celebrate individuals for their attributes and contributions, whether
they are female, male or non-binary, which allows us to excel
collaboratively and produce superior innovative solutions to shake up
the Fintech industry.

Creating an environment of inclusivity is a team effort and we continue
to strive to embed this in our culture. Welcoming all is key to our
success as well as breaking down any outdated perceptions that specific
genders are better suited for certain industries. Below are testimonials
from four current FSA staff who entered our Fintech world and are
thriving in their roles, feel valued for their contributions and embrace
the work-life balance that FSA offers.

Women In Fintech

  • Michelle

    Data Lead

    “As a woman working in the technology field, I have found my experience to be both challenging and rewarding. One of the things that I am passionate about is promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. I believe that having a diverse workforce is essential for creating innovative and effective solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of people. I try to use my platform to mentor and support other women in tech, and I am always looking for ways to help create a more inclusive industry. Being a working parent in the technology field has its challenges, but it also provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a woman in tech at FSA, I am proud to be a part of a team that has the potential to make changes to lives, and I am committed to making it a more welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.”

  • Trish

    Head of Marketing

    “I really enjoy working for an organisation that has such a commitment to customer service. The FSA brand places a lot of emphasis on helping people improve their financial situation, which is something that I’ve always been passionate about. Leading the marketing team at FSA means that I can be involved in a diverse range of projects and work with so many talented people across the business. The culture is really positive and supportive, I enjoy how everyone works together as a team. I’ve often found the demands of juggling a career and a young family to be challenging – however the flexibility at FSA and ability to work from home is a game changer. A lot of employers talk about work life balance, but FSA truly support you to make it happen. ”

  • Mel

    Marketing Specialist

    “I consider myself lucky to work for a FinTech company that is determined to create an inclusive working environment. As a young female, I’ve found that my voice may not be heard or respected. However working for FSA in the FinTech space, my voice is heard. They genuinely value different perspectives and it’s fantastic to be a part of such a productive team environment that truly celebrates diversity.”

  • Johanna

    Quality Assurance Lead

    “Being a woman in fintech is a very challenging job and a good opportunity to develop, modify or automate the different services and products that we offer to our customers. Women have a different vision of our community needs, so we can apply our knowledge and help to accomplish better solutions to improve customer services/products and that is what I really love to do. I love the flexibility that Fintech provides us. I really enjoy working in a place that focuses on improving our skills by giving different training including lunch and learns. I’m also given the opportunity to improve the lives of our customers through helping their financial situations which I think is core to being a good human.”

  • Sharan

    System Assistant

    “I’ve been working for FSA for more than 2 years now. When I first started, I was the only female in the development team and the team was very welcoming and helpful from day one, soon becoming like family to me. Since then, I have welcomed more colleagues into the technical team and the company overall. Being a mum to two young kids there are sometimes challenges to manage both work and life, but FSA are very flexible and support a good work life balance. I can see they give me and my fellow colleagues equal opportunities for growth and development. They are all great people to work with and I truly enjoy coming to work every day.”

  • Ashleigh

    Change Analyst

    “My journey with FSA started as a User Acceptance tester about 1 year ago. Coming from my previous job where I was surrounded by strong women, I was unsure at first how I would adjust. I quickly learned, however, that here at FSA, gender does not matter, and everyone is equally supported and encouraged to grow and develop. Within the year, I have progressed from User Acceptance Tester to Change Analyst and my development plan is to further my education in Change Management.”

  • Amanda

    Partnership Manager

    “My career began in the IT&T industry and now I am in Fintech. I enjoy being in Fintech because it means you get to work with incredibly bright minds, and gender is irrelevant. It is a dynamic environment and I feel lucky to work here, where we are valued independently of our sex and our career options are diverse.”